Wednesday, August 25, 2004

should i change my name to 'hercules rockefeller' or 'rembrandt q. einstein'

'degrassi: the next generation.' has become my own personal 'police cops' and officially made my life into an episode of the simpsons. for those of you who have never seen the show, it's about... excuse me, aboot the degrassi that we all know and love, but like 20 years later. joey jeremiah, snake, and spike are still in it, but this time around they're adults. snake is a teacher, joey is a car dealer, and spike's kid grew up and is now a student at degrassi. "so what? who cares? shut up! shouldn't you be working instead of writing this blather?" you're all surely saying to yourselves. well, those are all valid points, but you're missing out on the big picture. namely, there's a character on degrassi named marco. (like me!) who is italian (like me!) and whose parents are totally just bad italian stereotypes (like my parents!) and (drum-roll please) he's a 'mo. over the course of the first season, marco comes to grips with his craving for cock, gets gay bashed, comes out, wonders if he’s “too girly” and goes on a date with the other gay guy at degrassi, dylan. (actually, there’s a 3rd gay guy, but he was only in one episode as the potential obstacle to marco and dylan getting together.) while i commend the producers of degrassi: t.n.g. for having the courage to show a realistic depiction of a gay teenager (they even have him kiss dylan!), i have reservations about sharing a name, nationality and weakness for the fellas with the dude they have playing marco. he’s acts like he’s constantly on the verge of tears, dresses like a total douche (he wears a necklace, the beads of which look suspiciously like pearls), and looks like he wears some kind of weird fright wig. thankfully, though, i’m about twice as old as anyone who would ever stumble across the show, and the similarities are all fairly superficial, but i can’t help feeling a little bit like homer did when he found out about the character with his same name on the t.v. show “police cops”. ah well, if the episode is any indication, i should soon be meeting bill clinton, woody harrelson, and ed begley jr.

I have a secret... I LOVE DEGRASSI: TNG. Just ask Dom. He's suffered through many an episode for me. And you're not the only one who noticed the similarities between my 2 favorite Marcos... So does this mean you're going to stage a Bollywood themed prom, like on the show? God I hope so. xoxo tori
That is bizarre - while I have too unique a name and appearance to find anything that resembles myself in the mainstream media, I have found a webcomic about a guy named Davan who lives in Boston. - weird no?
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