Sunday, August 28, 2005

...the best minds of my generation ...

i'd spent the last week photoshopping pictures i took at marshfield fair last weekend, but then realized that howl festival

takes place this week.

so, instead of posting up pictures of cute fuzzy bunnies and the like...

(here's a preview:

the rest are coming next week)

...i went on down to the east village to check out my favorite part of howl, the art around the park

during howl, they cover most of the fence surrounding tompkins square park with a white canvas, and have artists paint individual sections of it.

i went both saturday and sunday 'cause i wanted to take pictures of how the artists progressed over the course the weekend. here's what i saw:

some paintings of animals...

some portraits...

like these, which are pictures of people who had gotten lobotomies,

this painting of joan "mommie dearest" crawford,

and the piece that this dude was drawing of the artist next to him.

some people made some pretty abstract stuff

like new york press artist fly

and this pair, who attracted quite a crowd with their open-air body-painting

this being new york, there was some graffiti,

some of which was being supervised by a very sweet looking pooch

as well as a bit of of politically-minded art

besides the art around tompkins square park, there was other fun stuff going on in the area, like

semi-nude figure drawing,

these installations inside the park,

and sunday's japanese fair just outside the park on st. mark's. that's where i saw
people in ethnic garb...

baby-penguin-grade-cute kids...

and a martial arts demonstration that was pretty kick-ass, despite the lack of real weapons

that's all for now kids. next week... bunnies!!!

Seems both bohemian amatuer as well as bohemian professional. Very interesting.

BTW, the gay version of "I love you man," would be, "I love you sweetie" and very mushy like that.
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