Saturday, October 28, 2006

did i say dogs in costumes? i meant jack o'lanterns!

i know i was supposed to post pictures of dogs in costumes today, but the dog parade got rescheduled due to crappy weather. it'll be on the 28th, so expect pictures then. in the meantime, try to console yourselves with these pictures from my company's pumpkin-decorating party:

i work for an educational company, so my team's pumpkin had an educational theme:
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

other teams went with more cinematic themes
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like this pumokin, depicting the scene from "the wizard of oz" where the wicked witch of the west melts after getting water on her.

other folks went for grossitating,
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and some went for just plain awesome.
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this pumpkin was created by the art department. the eyes are videos of the eyes of members of the department played on video ipods. the brain was supposed to pulse (and did, initially) but wound up not really working. still, the whole thing was a pretty awesome multi-media experience. check out the video for the full effect

the guy seen walking behind it is dave, the mastermind behind this e-jack o'lantern, and my new hero.

whoa thats teh ownxorxz.
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